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KDP Masterplan is a comprehensive workspace to manage your self-publishing business. KDP Masterplan will help you organize all stages of your KDP work such as niche searches, production, goal achievement, Amazon Ads management, and more. It’s an all-in-one space.


Set goals, plan tasks, manage time, and collect notes and knowledge in one place. Thanks to special solutions, you will say goodbye to chaos at work and never forget about your to-dos.


Plan and manage all stages of production from analyzing the needs of the target group to preparing and publishing A+ Content. Use ready-made task templates and control the progress of work. Easily find the best niche for you thanks to a ready-made table for analysis.


Manage your products, and keep all your data and files in one place. Easily analyze your advertising campaigns and calculate their profitability automatically. Control your income, expenses, achievements, and cash flow thanks to easy-to-fill reports.

Using a power of Notion

KDP Masterplan is built on Notion's best work management app already used by 30 million users worldwide.

What people are saying

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Finnally I have everything in one place!

— Amanda L. (US)

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I didn't know I can use Notion for my KDP business. KDP Masterplan is a really great tool, especially for keeping all my niche notes and organizing my high-content books.

— Magda S. (Poland)

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Thank you Emilia for sharing your template. Time to say goodbye to my old system on Google Drive, now I feel like a real KDP businessman ;)

— Dawid D. (UK)


By purchasing the KDP Masterplan template, you will also receive the following:

  • discounts on several tools useful for niche analysis and product design such as Helium10, Book Bolt, Jungle Scout, Book Beam, and more
  • a list of the most important holidays in all Amazon KDP markets

Take your KDP business to the next level

KDP MASTERPLAN Notion template + BONUS


What's included?

My Goals

Set your goals for a given year and quarter - thanks to this, your work will flow with the right rhythm.

Activity Log & Task planner

Note the results of your work, monitor progress, use a task calendar, and set reminders.


Write down product ideas wherever and whenever you want - your template also works with the Notion mobile app!


Collect your favorite sources of knowledge in one place. Create notes, save access passwords to courses, and embed links to important articles and videos.

Niche Analysis

A comprehensive database for niche analysis. Thanks to its functionality, you can easily pre-verify niches and then complete a thorough analysis.


A comprehensive system for managing the process of creating a new product. Collect inspirations, set tasks, control the progress of work, collect all files in one place, analyze keywords and categories, and set a price strategy.


Collect contacts for your all favorite proofreaders, graphic designers, and illustrators in one place.


A comprehensive database for entering your published products. From now on, you don't have to click through a pile of products in the KDP panel. You can have all information about keywords, categories, and information about a given product in one place.

Amazon Ads

Panel for managing Amazon Ads campaigns. Control your budget and expenses, and quickly calculate TACOS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales) and the profitability of your advertising activities.


Sum up your results in one place. Analyze revenues and costs, number of sales, and best products. Summarize your successes in a given month and what needs improvement.


Collect your old data and documents from the time before using KDP Masterplan.

BONUS: List of Holidays

Do you create seasonal products? Get inspired with a list of the most important holidays for all Amazon KDP markets.

Take your KDP business to the next level

KDP MASTERPLAN Notion template + BONUS


About the Author

Hi, nice to e-meet you! My name is Emilia, and since April 2019, I’ve been working as an indie author and seller on Amazon KDP. To this day, I publish a variety of products - from very simple notebooks, planners, coloring books, and activity books to high-content book products, such as guides or children's story books. Some of them reached the status of bestsellers soon after their premiere. In total, during the past four years of activity, I have published over 540 products.

I'm also a Notion template designer; improving fluent and effective work management is one of my biggest passions. In the KDP Masterplan template, I connected my Amazon KDP experience with the powerful all-in-one Notion app.


Take your KDP business to the next level

KDP MASTERPLAN Notion template + BONUS